Gracen Girl ~135 days old

A smiley morning.

Funny Little Monkey ~134 days old

‘I love listening to stories, but I think I’d like to wear Fuzzy Bee on…

19 Weeks Old ~133 days old

Although our little Gracen Girl is growing up faster than we’d sometimes like, it’s fascinating…

Silly Girl! ~132 days old

Gracen looking slightly tipsy. :)

Mmmm… Toys! ~131 days old

Gracen Girl.

Gracen’s First Haircut ~130 days old

Okay, so not really… Hard to have a haircut when you’re as hairless as this…

First NYD ~130 days old

Refreshed after a good night’s sleep and ready to start a new year.

First Photo of 2011 ~130 days old

Happy as ever and ready for all of the excitement 2011 has to bring!

Last Photo of 2010 ~129 days old

Gracen and Mama enjoying their last cuddle of the year. :)

First NYE ~129 days old

Up early and ready to celebrate her first ever New Year’s Eve.

Little Giggle Monster ~128 days old

Our happy little girl giggling away. Sometimes her giggles come around because of a song,…

Brave Little Beauty ~128 days old

‘Aren’t I a brave girl?’

Our Big Girl ~127 days old

But still relatively bald. :) Just a little bit of fuzz up there!

Gracen Belle – 18 Weeks Old ~126 days old

Gracen Belle playing with her new jingle bells.

Gracen Blows Bubbles ~125 days old

Our messy little girl shortly after she learned how to blow good, slobbery proper bubbles.…

Bubble Blowing ~125 days old


A Boxing Day Stroll ~124 days old

After spending yesterday inside, we decided to get out and get some fresh air today.…

Boxing Day Laziness ~124 days old

Snuggled up after a morning sink bath. :)

First Christmas ~123 days old

It wasn’t Paris, and without our luggage, it didn’t involve some of the little Christmas…

4 Months Old! ~122 days old

‘I can’t believe that it’s been 4 months already…’