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Vibrant Homemade Glitter Glue Paint | Mama Papa Bubba

This summer, Gracen absolutely fell in love with a set of glittery glue paints that Grandma Charlotte had stashed away for her.  They were different than regular glitter glue as you didn’t squeeze them on – they came in little pots that had brushes attached to the insides of the lids {much like nail polish does}.  For several days, Grae sat in the shade of a tree and worked on painting a giant fruit box with them, delighted by how beautiful they looked when applied.  So when she brought them up in conversation a few days ago, I figured we may as well try making a copy cat version since we didn’t bring them with us to Kuwait.  And you know what?  They turned out beautifully!

IMG 2028

Here’s what we used to create them…  Clear glue (we looked for the big bottles and couldn’t find them here, so went with the smaller tubes), gel food colouring, two types of glitter in coordinating colours {one fine and one big and bold}, some small containers, and popsicle sticks for stirring.

IMG 2030

To get us started, Gracen poured our glue out into the little containers.

IMG 2033

Then we took a look at our glitter and figured out what colours of paint we wanted to make with the sparkles we had on hand.  We decided we wanted our glitter to match the paint colour, but you could just as well mix and match.  To colour our glue paint, all we did was dip a popsicle stick into our gel food colouring and then used it to stir the glue {though if you were making bigger batches, you’d probably need a little lump of colour}.

IMG 2035

Miss G stirred slowly until the colour was evenly distributed and then oohed over the colour she’d created.

IMG 2038

Here’s our full collection ready to be sparklified.

IMG 2040

Next up, we worked together to add {a reasonable amount of} coordinating glitter to each pot.

IMG 2043

Then it was time to do some more stirring.

IMG 2045

Our finished paint looked beautiful in the light streaming in our big windows, but at this point, we still didn’t know how they’d look on paper.

IMG 2048

Grae grabbed us 4 paintbrushes and we put our new creation to the test.  Here are the results.  So pretty, right?

IMG 2073

Very satisfied {and perhaps a little bit giddy} about how they turned out, we packed up our paints, brushes, and some paper and headed down to the courtyard to paint.

IMG 2052

Grae was very excited to put her new paints to work and of course started with her favourite – purple!

IMG 2055

She worked on her masterpiece purposefully while making sure to try each of the colours we’d created.

IMG 2065

While she painted, I marvelled at how wonderfully our homemade paints had turned out.  They’re vibrant, full of sparkle, and most of all, Gracen totally loves them.

IMG 2067Not to mention that they cost very little to make and creating them was half the fun!  These will definitely be a new staple in our arts and craft stash.

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6 thoughts on “Homemade Glitter Glue Paint

  1. how well does it stay after you close it up? I am thinking of making this as part of an art kit gift…. but wanted to know how it would do to make the paint a week beforehand.

    1. Hey Casey! It keeps really well as long as it’s in an air-tight container! We just used these exact paints yesterday, and they were still fabulous almost 4 months later. :D

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