First Halloween ~68 days old

Our pretty little pumpkin.

Pretty Girl ~68 days old

Pretty girl pose.

Polka Dot Princess ~68 days old

First Tooth Bud? ~67 days old

Baby G is a pretty happy little girl, however that’s not so much the case…

A Lazy Saturday… ~67 days old

Reading morning stories with Mama.

Gremlin Girl ~66 days old

Look at that little gremlin expression.

Funny Face Grace ~65 days old

Miss Grae has really begun to show her little personality…

Daddy’s Princess ~64 days old

Daddy’s little princess.

9 Weeks Old Today ~63 days old

Today Mommy took over 80 photos of this little jailbird… And we didn’t even leave…

Baby Blue ~62 days old

A beauty in blue. :)

The Many Faces of Gracen ~62 days old

Morning stretchy face.

Two Months Today ~61 days old

Time flies. Gracen was born on August 24th, and today is October 24th, making her…

Mommy Says I’m Purr-fect ~60 days old

And who would disagree with that?!

Friday Family Day ~59 days old

‘It’s just me, Gracen…’

Little Miss Sunshine ~58 days old

Our little sunshine!

I Heart Gracen ~57 days old

This little girl is growing and changing so quickly. I can’t believe how quickly time…

Morning Starbucks Run ~57 days old

Sometimes you need Starbucks asap… Even if it means going in your jammies.

8 Weeks Old Today ~56 days old

Morning smiles.

Our Big Girl ~55 days old

‘Good Morning!’

Sunday Stripes ~54 days old

Our growing little girl.