Friday Family Day ~59 days old

‘It’s just me, Gracen…’

Little Miss Sunshine ~58 days old

Our little sunshine!

I Heart Gracen ~57 days old

This little girl is growing and changing so quickly. I can’t believe how quickly time…

Morning Starbucks Run ~57 days old

Sometimes you need Starbucks asap… Even if it means going in your jammies.

8 Weeks Old Today ~56 days old

Morning smiles.

Our Big Girl ~55 days old

‘Good Morning!’

Sunday Stripes ~54 days old

Our growing little girl.

Smiling Through the Spit-Up ~53 days old

Story Time ~52 days old

Enjoying some Clifford.

Girlie Girl ~51 days old

So wherever we go, people seem to ask us about our little BOY. Doesn’t matter…

So Serious ~50 days old

I wonder what she’s thinking about…

Hahaha! ~49 days old

This one cracks me up! I think she is trying to reenact her passport photos!…

7 Weeks Old Today ~49 days old

Our little doodlebug.

Calm As a Cucumber ~48 days old

This little peanut seems to be completely fulfilled by just sitting, watching, listening, and chatting.

Watch Out, Daddy! ~47 days old

‘Oh, I love snuggling with my Papa…’

In Search of a Photo… ~46 days old

Don’t tell me! It can’t be true… No 46 day old picture?! How could I…

Our Baldy ~45 days old

Take a look at that little head… She’s got more hair in the back and…

Moving On Up! ~44 days old

So up until now, Baby Grae has been wearing only her newborn-size clothing… Today, for…

Happy Little Munchkin ~43 days old

Story time is a favourite time in our house.

6 Weeks Old ~42 days old

Still waking up…