Grae’s Personalized Colouring Book

IMG 4511Gracen absolutely adores the little colouring book we made for her ‘Christmas in January’ stocking.  She loves pointing out her family members and having me tell her about what’s happening in the pictures.  We’ve already coloured 4 pages today, and it’s still morning!

IMG 3912All we did was take some of our favourite photos of her and her cousins, pop them into Photoshop, and turn them into line drawings rather than photos.  Then I printed them all on card stock, bound them, and that was it!

Here’s a little peek at some of the other pages in the book:

IMG 3917Here’s my cool girl helping her Mama with grocery shopping.

IMG 3915This is my all time favourite picture of Grae and her cousin, Kinslee, who is exactly 6 weeks younger than her.

IMG 3922Of course, her cousin, ‘SuperChay’, had to be in the colouring book.

IMG 3923And here’s one of her cousin Korbin’s pages.

IMG 3921The best part is that while we colour, we can talk about all the fun memories that fill the pages.  This photo was taken when Grae’s cousins came to visit us in Vernon and we all visited the pool for Chayton’s birthday.  I have a feeling these little colouring books will become a yearly tradition in our family.  :)


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