A Regular Day with Grae

IMG 5090


IMG 5093Morning reading.

IMG 5101Serious colouring.

IMG 5108The Rainbow Fish on storylineonline.net.

IMG 5114Errands, round one.

IMG 5116Usual post-nap scene.  A cozy blanket, books, and a little snack.

IMG 5123Errands, round two.

(On a side note, we can’t go to Superstore without going to see this little duck.  He’s been the only duck amongst a crowd of bears since we moved to Vancouver 6 months ago, and Grae loves him. Every time we walk through the doors, she starts signing ‘duck, please’ and proceeds to point you in the right direction.  We stop by, she visits with him, and that’s that.  Not quite sure what we’ll do when the duck eventually finds a home one day…)

IMG 5128Crayon transferring.

IMG 5136Messy dinner.

IMG 5139Pre-bedtime apple.

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