Could it be?

First of all, a little background info…  Lately Gracen has really been into hearts and stars.  I’m not sure how this interest came about really, but we do have a wooden shape puzzle that we play with daily and we’ve borrowed several books about shapes from our local library.  Either way, the girl likes hearts and stars.  She sees them everywhere (on posters, in store windows, in books,  at the playground) and enthusiastically points them out while declaring, “Heart!” or “Star!”

IMG 5659Well today, just before her guests arrived, she was happily drawing on her chalkboard when she stopped, pointed, and said, “Heart!  Heart!”  Now I know that every parent thinks that their child is a genius and I’m 100% guilty of thinking Grae is quite clever, but is it just me or does this really look like a heart?!

IMG 5661Here’s a closer look. Am I just crazy?  Does anyone else see the orange heart?  Now I’m sure it was just a fluke, but either way, this mama is impressed.

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