Book Mountain

IMG 5770Between talking and signing, Grae is a pretty awesome little communicator.  But in instances like these, I wish she could tell me more.  We were at home playing when she stopped, went to her room, got her fuzzy blanket, and laid it out on the floor just so.  Then one-by-one, she started transferring her books from the baskets in the living room onto the blanket.  She ensured that each book was fully on the blanket, and if one accidentally slid off a little bit, she’d go back and place it back on the pile until it stayed exactly where she wanted it.  When the baskets in the living room were empty, she started retrieving more from the bookshelf in her room.  By the end of it all, we had a mountain of books (and Sharpies) on a blanket in the middle of our house.  What started this mission, I’m not sure…

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