St. George’s Playground

Sometimes I wonder if a person could make living as a playground and park reviewer…  Cause that may just be the perfect job for me and my pint-sized sidekick.  Today (after our usual Sunday morning play gym / lunch / nap combo) we hit up another new playground on the westside of the city.  We were actually out and about doing a few errands near Dunbar and somehow found our way to St. George’s, an all boys private school. Although intended for older kids, the playground was pretty amazing.  Gracen enjoyed exploring the campus and making friends with two other little girls who were playing on the playground also.  Here are some photos from our adventure…

IMG 5972Crusin’ along.

IMG 5974Entering the campus.

IMG 5976Spinning the ‘log’ by hand.

IMG 5977The climbing apparatus and a peek at the school.

IMG 5981A sideless slide.

IMG 5985Just hanging out with Mama.

IMG 5992A view of the playground.

IMG 5993Snooping around.

IMG 5998Gracen crossing. (Don’t worry – the gates were all locked shut and the campus was vehicle free.)

IMG 6008Snacking on the steps.

IMG 6019Gigglefest.

IMG 6022‘Hi, Mama!  I see you hiding behind that gate you know!’

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