The Bloedel Conservatory

This afternoon Gracen and I finally ventured out to a place we’ve been meaning to visit for a while – the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park.  Grae was in heaven before making it anywhere near the dome.  The surrounding area is home to sculptures, fountains, and endless room to run, which was more than enough for our easy-to-please little lady.  We took our time, explored a little, watched the fountains again and again, and eventually made our way to the doors.  Inside the conservatory is a little slice of the tropics.  Exotic plants and tropical flowers fill the dome from ground to ceiling and birds fly freely over head.  Mix that with the warmth, humidity, and sounds of running water and birds calling, and you feel like you’re on vacation in the rainforest.  Of course, Grae soaked up every second.  Birds, flowers, sunshine… This place was right up her alley.  We slowly wandered along the paths visiting birds and stopping to smell flowers along the way.  The absolute favourite of the day had to be a little cove inhabited by several small birds and one larger parrot.  There was a puddle of water in front and Gracen was absolutely fascinated by the fact that the birdies were having a bath.  She repeatedly signed ‘Bird. Bath!’ with big eyes and a look of disbelief on her face as we watched them and then requested that we go back to the bird bath several times later on.    Here are some photos of our afternoon:

IMG 7213A little unsure of the fountains.

IMG 7221Much braver when they weren’t at full power.

IMG 7224Taking in the view of downtown Vancouver and the mountains.

IMG 7312Ruby, the bird that greeted us in the cashier station.

IMG 7242Macaw watching.

IMG 7228Carmen and Maria, green-winged macaws.

IMG 7244Flower sniffing.

IMG 7245The pink orchids were G’s favourites.

IMG 7252Must. smell. each. and. every. flower.

IMG 7274Kiwi, the talking bird.  I think he fancied G quite a lot…  He kept saying, “Muwah!” and “I love you” whenever she got near.

IMG 7276Clyde, an Eastern rosella parrot.

IMG 7277Very into Clyde.

IMG 7284Watching the birdies bathe.  Completely captivated.

IMG 7287Bird talk.

IMG 7291Mmmmm… Flowers!

IMG 7288Grae told me that these leaves were “pretty pretty pretty”.

IMG 7290

IMG 7293Casey, a yellow-headed Amazon parrot.

IMG 7303Copying Casey’s calls (scarily well actually).

IMG 7315Outside after a great visit with her birdie friends.

IMG 7322Soaking up the sunshine.

IMG 7328Our visit was probably only an hour long (and that was walking through twice), but it was so much fun.  We’ll definitely be back again soon, and hopefully this time with a picnic to enjoy outside afterwards.

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