Sunday Morning at Granville Island

This weekend was GORGEOUS and today was no exception. Wanting to take full advantage of the weather, Gracen and I got ready and headed down to Granville Island just after breakfast.  Our morning was filled with all of the usual Granville Island treats…  Good coffee, delicious bread, quality time with the birds, playground fun, boat watching, and sunshine!  It doesn’t get much better than this…

IMG 8906‘Hello, birdies!’

IMG 8908Boat watching.

IMG 8912Chilling out waterfront.

IMG 8917‘Why don’t the birds want to play with me?’

IMG 8918‘Wheeeeee!’

IMG 8920Getting dirty.

IMG 8931Tunnel walking.

IMG 8938Checking things out.

IMG 8943Captain Gracen.

IMG 8953Cool girl.

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