An Afternoon in Kerrisdale

When I woke up this morning with a killer headache and stinging sore throat, I knew that it would have to be an out and about kind of day in order to avoid a lazy, feel-sorry-for-my-sick-self day where Gracen would miss out on the beautiful sunshine and 20 degree weather.  Luckily, a quick trip to the library and our stroller fitness class took care of the morning.  We got outside, got some fresh air, and Grae got in some quality baby time while I lunged and squatted my way around Queen E park.

Without anything really planned for this afternoon, we decided to head down to Kerrisdale, one of my favourite quaint little Vancouver neighbourhoods.  IMG 1184

First off, we tried our hand at thrifting.  I must admit, I love the idea of thrifting and finding beautiful pieces that have histories of their own, but I’m not very good at it.  The only times I’ve really had any luck was when I found a sweet little table and chair set for Gracen’s first Christmas in Canada and when Charlotte and I randomly came across an adorable little doll crib and bookshelf for Grae’s nursery.  Today was no different, however, Miss G loved sifting through shelves of children’s books, and ended up choosing three to take home.

IMG 1174After our thrifting adventure, we walked hand and hand down the sidewalk, popping in and out of shops, visiting with puppies, and waving at strangers.

IMG 1175Stopping at this flower shop was a must.  Of course Miss G smelled her way down the line.

IMG 1178Our next stop was a gorgeous little toy store.  The moment Gracen spotted the window display, she shouted “Nin! Nin!” (In! In!) and pulled me towards the door.  Almost every item in the shop was absolutely beautiful and the best part was that in the back there was a little play area for munchkins.

IMG 1179Last stop – treats! An Apricot Delight Roll from Cobs for Miss G and an iced coffee from Artigiano’s for Mama…  The perfect ending to our afternoon. ♥

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