Port Moody Play Date

This morning Grae and I headed out of the city to visit my old friend Cheri and her sweet little girl, Jaiden.  The girls were amazing together.  Jaiden showed Grae around, shared her toys, and was a gracious little host.  Gracen read every book in the house, shared the tea set she chose to bring along, and happily followed Jaiden’s lead.  And as Cheri and I sat at the table sipping hot coffee and catching up, I may have said, “You know, part of me thinks having two would be easier…”  Oops.IMG 1587

Jaiden helping Gracen with her first ever fairy princess experience.

IMG 1590Trail strolling and snacking.

IMG 1593Departure hugs and kisses.

5 thoughts on “Port Moody Play Date

      1. I’m not going to lie to you. No. No they won’t. My girls are really good together, but they still squabble over toys, or more often than not one of them (coughAllycough) will want to play something that the other won’t and then they’ll squabble over that. It’s worth it all for two times the hugs and love, and when they say that they love each other. :D

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