Water Sensory Bin

I love the fact that we have a little solarium out back.  Unfortunately though, for us, it’s not just a place to grow pretty plants and relax…  It’s our laundry room, shoe closet, tricycle riding corral, and recycling depot, all in one.  And today it became a play room on top of all of that.

I’ve been squirrelling away little things for some sensory bins I’ve wanted to put together for Miss G for a while now, and today Gracen and I finally found bins that are the perfect shape and size.  As soon as we got home, we gathered our materials for a super simple water sensory bin, changed Miss G into a bathing suit, and headed out into the solarium for some fun.

IMG 2283

We laid a blanket down first to minimize potential flooding and slipping, filled the bin halfway full of water, added a couple of drops of blue food colouring just for fun, and plunked in Grae’s collection of shells, rocks, and driftwood.

IMG 2295

She was a little unsure of what she should do at first…

IMG 2284

But in a couple minutes time, she realized that this was going to  be fun!

IMG 2296

Naturally, all of the ocean items came out of the water and were put onto the blanket.

IMG 2305

Then she used a strainer to help her “wash” her treasures.

IMG 2313

And before long, she was gathering her own items and adding them to the bin.

IMG 2316

But her favourite thing?  Putting things into cups and then dumping them into the water.

IMG 2326

She liked doing this so much that she began retrieving containers from the recycling bin to fill up.

IMG 2318

Inevitably, this happened…

IMG 2321

And this…

IMG 2332

And this. (She’s kissing the water.)

IMG 2330

And by the time we were through, her hands were freezing cold, her suit was dripping wet, and our ocean bin had gained several new items.

Here’s a little video…

5 thoughts on “Water Sensory Bin

  1. Kira was kissing her bath water a couple of days ago. Then today she kissed a tree. She gave that tree such a dirty look for betraying her kiss by being rough and bark-y, hahaha! If looks could log…

    1. Thanks, Tina! They do, don’t they? One of our guaranteed ways to turn a bad day around is water. Whether it’s swimming, a bath just for fun, a pool out back, or a sensory bin of some sort, it always seems to do the trick! :)

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