The Rundown: 20 Months

Welp, our little lady turned 21 months old today, and apparently that’s just the motivation I needed to get my tush in gear and get her 20 month post done.  Darn time.  It’s not always my friend.  My goal is to have her 21 month one done sometime this week, and my even bigger goal is to have her first year photo book completed by her second birthday. Wish me luck.

Anyways, that’s enough about me.  Here’s what our darling little girl was up to between 19 and 20 months…

IMG 1358

Gracen loves:

  • Digging in the dirt and finding worms
  • Being dragged around the house while laying on a blanket (still)
  • Stickers and stamps
  • Balloons
  • Reading while on the toilet
  • Her hoola hoop
  • Jumping on beds
  • Discussing the day’s highlights before bedtime
  • Visiting her blog and having you tell her about the photos
  • Snuggling
  • Helping others
  • Sharing her things
  • Going on adventures
  • Reading
  • Having someone ask her questions so that she can show what she knows
  • Helping with jobs around the house
  • Putting her laundry away

She dislikes:

  • When you don’t let her try something on her own first before helping

She thinks it’s hilarious when:

  • You throw grapes up in the air and catch them in your mouth

IMG 1364

Grae’s new foods include:

  • No-sugar-added vacuum-fried banana chips
  • All-natural blueberry bran muffins
  • Arugula
  • Turkey bacon (not a regular food, but she did get to try it during a special celebratory dinner)
  • Wholewheat tortilla chip (not a regular food, but she did get to try one during Papa’s 30th birthday dinner)

IMG 1372

The new words she regularly uses include:

  • “snap”
  • “wow”
  • “ya”
  • “dirt”
  • “baaaaa” (sheep sound)
  • “sssssss” (snake sound)
  • “ohhhh”
  • “quack”
  • “car”
  • “meow”
  • “treat”
  • “play”
  • “bird”
  • “Tate”
  • “poop”
  • “deer”
  • “meow”
  • “meh” (goat sound)
  • “cheep cheep”
  • “train”
  • “out”
  • “step”
  • “peepee”
  • “apple” – happy (strangest thing ever)
  • “rararararah” – read
  • “knee”
  • “dot”
  • “yay!”
  • “tape”
  • “ring”
  • “carrot”
  • “pocket”
  • “all-mo” – almond
  • “edmama” – edamame
  • “poop”
  • “milp” – milk
  • “cut”
  • “glue”
  • “flap flip” – flip flop
  • “hat”
  • “papta” – pasta
  • “melon”
  • “watermelon”
  • “Ornia” – California
  • “plap” – splash
  • “hole”
  • “flap”
  • “touch”
  • “oh dear!”
  • “cloth”
  • “babe”
  • “home”
  • “clothes”
  • “bra” (don’t ask)
  • “pay”
  • “hand”
  • “top”
  • “two”
  • “Lulu” (her nickname)
  • “draw”
  • “arm”
  • “dab”
  • “tight”
  • “down”
  • “door”
  • “tights”
  • “oh, Grae Grae!”
  • “oh, baby!”
  • “pull”
  • “please”
  • “chair”
  • “auntie”
  • “Quatchi”
  • “me”
  • “rawr!!!” (when asked what dinosaurs, lions, and tigers say)

IMG 1371The new signs she’s using regularly include:

  • Snake
  • Cereal
  • Want
  • Basketball
  • Family
  • Come here
  • Alligator

IMG 1382

Right now, she:

  • Makes a chomping noise whenever she sees alligators and crocodiles
  • Points out dots whenever she sees them
  • Talks about her little friend, Tate, all the time
  • Lays all of her animals and dolls on their bellies for story times
  • Puts animals on the toilet and pretends they’re peeing
  • Does a crazy mad face where she holds her fists up in the air and shakes (but not when she’s mad – just randomly)
  • Announces she has to use the potty, runs to grab a book, and then heads to the bathroom
  • Helps EVERYTHING (almonds, books, babies, shoes, etc.) pee, drink, and sleep – weird girl
  • Leads you by the finger to wherever she needs help or wants to show you something
  • Walks up and down stairs without a railing or hand to hold on to
  • Is putting words together in simple phrases more and more (for example, I told her that we weren’t going to be seeing her friend Tate because his mom wasn’t feeling well, and for days she’d say, “Tate Mama Owah?”)
  • Is very into the emotions of story book characters
  • Puts away her own laundry {in the proper places}
  • Believes that everything can be fixed with tape (because that’s how I fix her ripped books)
  • Wants to do everything herself (Miss Independent!)

IMG 1404

Funny / Cute things she’s been up to lately:

  • While shopping in the States this month, I announced that our blender was crap.  Well guess what my little parrot took from that?  “CRAP!”
  • If you ask her what her cousin Kinslee says, she’ll reply “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!” in her loudest, screechiest voice
  • She constantly points to my {naturally dark} joints and says, “Owah.  Mama owah.”
  • When she comes across a group of items, whether it be food on a plate, rocks in the garden, or poop in the toilet, she points to them and calls them “mamas”, “papas”, and “bubbas”, based on their size
  • Pretends she’s a baby and crawls around the house
  • When you ask her where her Apple onesie came from, she’ll respond with “Ornia” (it was bought at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California)

Well, that was our month.  This little lady’s language is exploding and it’s becoming nearly impossible to keep up with her new words.  She’s developing such a great little sense of humour and seriously keeps me laughing all day long.  But more than anything, she’s got the BIGGEST heart.  She wants nothing more than to make others happy.  She’s kind to kids on the playground who aren’t so kind to her, she’s happy to share even the most special of treats, she shows genuine concern for others’  feelings, and she doles out hugs generously when they’re needed.  I’m so proud of her that it’s sometimes a little overwhelming.  She’s certainly a special little girl.

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