Potty Breaks on the Go

IMG 4163The downside to having an early potty trained toddler?  Hearing a little voice from the backseat of the car announce, “Mama, Mama! Peepee, peepee!” while driving over a busy bridge during Vancouver rush hour.  Ugh.  Not fun.  Slightly panicked, you turn on the calm mommy voice, coach your little one not to pee just yet, and reassure her that you’re going to find a safe spot to pull over ASAP.  Luckily, during the 7 months Gracen’s been diaper-free, we have had a pretty good success rate in situations like these.  Our saviour has definitely been this potty from Ikea.  We always have it in the back of our vehicle and we’ve used it countless times, especially when traveling to and from the Okanagan.  The beauty of it is its simplicity.  It’s super lightweight, relatively small, and so inexpensive, you could have one in your car and every room in your house if you wanted!  Lucky for us, the fluorescent green car potty saved us once again today. ☺

3 thoughts on “Potty Breaks on the Go

  1. I think I’ve gotten so used to it that I’ve forgotten how lucky I am to not have to change poopy diapers! We started putting her on the toilet at 10 months because it was very obvious when she was filling her diaper. That was pretty much the turning point, and I don’t think we changed very many poopy diapers after that. By 14 months, she was doing all of her business on a toilet and wearing regular panties. She does still wear a diaper at night though… I think 12 hours is just too long for her to hold everything in!

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