A Vernon Favourite: Davison Orchards

Those who really know me, know my love for Davison Orchards. I love everything about it – the grown on site produce, the fresh-pressed apple juice, the unique gifts found in the country market, the fact that it’s family run… I could go on and on. It’s just such a quaint, feel good place to visit. And the best thing is that it seems to be getting better and better with time. 

Since our vacation has been a little wet these last couple of days, we decided we’d make the most out of our dry morning, and headed into Vernon to visit my favourite spot. Gracen loved it.  We did spend some time at Davison’s last summer, but Gracen was only 10 or 11 months old then…still a baby.  This time was different. She was big enough to run around the orchard, take full advantage of the play ground, and feed and pet the animals…grown enough to take it all in.

IMG 5594Our first stop was the playground.  Gracen was beyond excited to ride the tractor, play on the tire horses, and zoom down the slide.  In fact, she was having such a blast that it was hard to pull her away in order to go and check out the rest of the orchard.IMG 5575IMG 5580IMG 5704With the promise of seeing animals, our little animal lover followed us up the hill into the orchard.  And she was very pleased she did.  We saw rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, and a donkey.  Not only did she get to see the animals, but she also got to pet and feed some of them too. Her favourite part was retrieving the food from the dispenser, carefully placing it in the cup, and turning the wheel to send the treats up to the greedy goat waiting on the bridge above head. And although she was a little apprehensive, she even fed one of the goats by hand.
IMG 5595IMG 5601IMG 5618IMG 5610IMG 5614IMG 5617IMG 5620IMG 5623IMG 5635IMG 5632IMG 5634Next, we headed to the Kids Corral – a newer addition to the farm.  It was awesome.  Giant slides, a plasma car track, duck racing lanes, and a huge sandpit (complete with real tractors and an old truck) were just part of the fun.  There was also a teepee to hide in, a corn maze to make your way through, a tree house perfect for enjoying the view, and a cow bell ringing station for those wanting to make some noise. The coolest part though? The biggest sensory bin I’ve ever seen (and you know I love me a good sensory bin).  It was actually a shed filled with dried corn, shovels, and tractors… Amazing!  
IMG 5637IMG 5646IMG 5652IMG 5653IMG 5657IMG 5670IMG 5675IMG 5678IMG 5680IMG 5689IMG 5691IMG 5701The best part is that we’re hoping to do another visit next weekend when my brother, sister-in-law, and all of Miss G’s cousins arrive.  Can’t wait. It’s sure to be quadruple the fun {and quadruple the craziness!}

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