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As much as I love setting up little play invitations for Grae, many activities are initiated by Gracen and come about organically.  This morning, as I was answering birthday calls (hello, 31), Miss G found a box of craft goodies we had carried in from the car and left in a heap at the front door (we got in late last night and after what’s supposed to be a 5 hour trip turned into an 8 hour trip, there was little energy left for unpacking things) and immediately gravitated towards the many little pouches of buttons I had stowed away. Having been given the okay nod from me, she started slowly unzipping the pouches one by one and emptying the contents into the bamboo dish that normally houses our remotes.

IMG 6146 Such fun. The colours, shapes, sizes, and zipping kept her happily busy for a good portion of the morning while I slowly worked on unpacking things.

IMG 6149Later in the day, as I began gathering dinner ingredients, she came across a couple of clean ice cube trays waiting to be filled and frozen on the counter. I’m not sure what inspired her, but she quickly left the kitchen and returned with her bowl of buttons and the creamer cup from her tea set. Brilliant. I don’t think I could have come up with a better ice cube tray activity on the spot if I tried. I retrieved a blanket, she spread her things out, and happily played until dinner was ready.

IMG 6150IMG 6152IMG 6155IMG 6158IMG 6161IMG 6164I may be discovering new runaway buttons around the house for the next week or two, but having an hour to cook and wash dishes while my girl happily plays independently is well worth the pick up.


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  1. hello, i’m new in bloging. but i want u to be my friend. just because i do have same attraction about family (i do have 2 kids), what u’ve shown to me was amazing. i’m a working mother, and your ideas make me proud. thank you..

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