IMG 6404IMG 6407This afternoon we set out to visit another wading pool off of the Vancouver wading pools & spray parks list, but weren’t overly successful.  In fact, we down right failed.  I’d decided we’d to go to Balaclava Park in Dunbar, as I love the area and had read good things online. We arrived without issue to find a giant park, busy with an adult soccer tournament, but the problem was that there was no pool in sight… Now we didn’t get out of the car to scour every square inch of the park, but I figured I’d probably see some sign of a pool while circling the park very slowly again and again, no? No such luck.  There was a {very} small concrete enclosure which looked like it might be used by beginning skateboarders, but could that have been it? I have no idea. To me, no water = no pool.  So on we went.  Back to Maple Grove Pool for the second time in the last few days.  And you know what? Miss G didn’t mind a bit.  Plus, she had Bubba there this time to share in all the fun.

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