I Love You… This Much!

Earlier in the week, Miss G and I put together an adorable little Pinterest-inspired card for her Gido’s (grandpa’s) birthday.  (Gido if you’re reading this right now, you shouldn’t be!  Back to preparing/enjoying your bike trip!!!) The original post comes from A Day in the Life, and although we stuck to the basic plan, we made a few little changes along the way too. Here’s our version…

IMG 8411

First up – materials… A couple of pieces of card stock, some crayons, a pencil, a black Sharpie, a glue stick, and some scissors.

IMG 8412

To get started, we traced Grae’s hand onto the card stock in pencil (her favourite part – the girl loves having her hand traced).

IMG 8413

Then I folded the card stock in half, and cut out the hand, giving us two identical copies. We did try to ‘team cut’ the hand shape, but it was pretty tricky, so Grae became the recycling collector/depositor for this part instead.

IMG 8416

Next, using our black marker and the hand-over-hand technique, we printed “I love you…’ on the front of the left hand.

IMG 8419

Then it was time to decorate both hands.  Everything is better with colourful baby squiggles, is it not?

IMG 8420

Next, we cut two strips of our white card stock, glued them together to form one extra-long strip, and wrote “this much!”, plus a personalized message, along the length before Grae added her special touches to it.

IMG 8423

With the decorating complete, we folded up the strip accordion-style…

IMG 8425

And attached each side to the palms of the hands using our glue stick.

IMG 8426

Here’s the finished result.

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