Handprint Canvas: A Yearly Tradition

Today Miss G and I continued on a little birthday tradition we started last year when she turned one – painting a handprint canvas together.  This year was even more fun than last because Grae was really able to get into it and participate in the process.


IMG 8985

After picking out our colour combination, we gave the canvas a few coats of pink paint, letting it dry in between each one.

IMG 8986

Then, once it  was completely dry, I brushed a thin coat of teal on Grae’s hand and together we carefully stamped in the middle of the canvas.

IMG 8988

With the project finished almost as quickly as it was started, Grae wanted to continue painting, so on she went…

IMG 8994

As she worked on her own project, I sketched out a number two on the canvas’ corner…

IMG 8995

Then carefully outlined it and filled it in with a paint pen.

IMG 8997

Tada!  A very simple art project that forever saves those little handprints I always have such a hard time wiping away from our mirrors and windows.

IMG 8998

And here it is next to last year’s.  Pretty amazing / heartbreaking to see the difference 12 months makes…

16 thoughts on “Handprint Canvas: A Yearly Tradition

    1. So true! I hadn’t even thought of that. If you go ahead and do it, one thing I’d suggest is buying a bunch of canvases and storing them for future years… That way you’ll be sure they’ll be the same size, thickness, quality, etc. :)

  1. Hi, I am very new to arts and crafts and being a first time parent i would like to do this too. It will definitely something memorable that I wouldn’t wanna miss it.
    Since I’m new to arts and crafts, may I know what type of paint you use on the canvas? Will the color stain on the kiddo’s hand? Can I use ordinary watercolor?

  2. This is awesome and you’ve inspired me to do the same for my little girl. Only wished I saw this earlier. One question: how did you remove the paint from her hands?

  3. I am going to use this brilliant idea for my daughter’s 1st birthday :)
    One question – what kind of paint did you use for the hand? Some kind of washable non toxic kids paint?

  4. Really cute!!! I’ll do it. What kind of paint did you use? I have Crayola non toxic finger paint. It works?

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