iPhoneography // Mini Ballerina

Today it was back to ballet class for Miss G and I.  And though Grae was a little bit sensitive when it came to loud stomping and ‘angry feet’ last week, this week she participated in everything quite happily.  We’d talked about how funny it is to stomp around loudly and make your feet look angry for the last few days, and with a couple of tiny reminders at the beginning of the class, she was just fine this time around.  In fact, she was having so much fun that she spent most of the class on the other side of the room, dancing and participating without any help or reassurance from Mama.  

Balletpre-class warm-up // ribbon dancing

mini ballerina // post – class beach ball hands

Have I mentioned how cute a studio filled with giggling tutu-clad toddlers is?  Trust me, it’s ridiculous.

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5 thoughts on “iPhoneography // Mini Ballerina

  1. One of GFs invited me to her child’s ballet recital and I almost died from cuteness overload! It had a bunch of different age groups, even a couple boys! Now I’m excited for one of my god kids entering a soccer league!

    1. There’s just something so wonderful about watching kids do something they truly enjoy, isn’t there?! Munchkin soccer is to die for… How ridiculously cute is it to watch a pack of preschoolers swarm one soccer ball?!

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