A Leaf Maze {in the dark}

A Leaf Maze  in the darkOkay, so we didn’t actually mean to do it in the dark, but then again, we didn’t plan on making a leaf maze in the first place.  We had actually headed outside so that Gracen could play and I could rake up and compost our mounds of leaves and tidy up the yard, but meh – making a leave maze just seemed like more fun.

We headed outside around 4 p.m., and with it getting dark here just before 5 o’clock, we really didn’t have much for daylight left by the time we’d constructed our maze.  (You’ll have to excuse the terrible photos… I really have no idea how to take decent pictures sans flash and tripod in the dark.)

IMG 2349I’ve seen this idea on Happy Hooligans and other blogs around the net, and I knew Grae would love it.  With a rake, our hands, and some gardening gloves, we created a very simple maze in no time.

IMG 2348Grae found her way through several times and then asked, “Make maze more tricky, Mama?”

IMG 2365So with a few minor adjustments, we had a new, trickier maze for her to try.  

IMG 2369It met her approval and then she decided she’d try driving her tractors through for something different… A fantastic idea if you ask me!

I don’t know how it will last overnight, but I have a feeling there will be several “more tricky” mazes in our day tomorrow.

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