MORE of Our Family Photo Session

Kossowan0002Today Gracen and I headed downtown to pick up our photo order from Bethany. (Which, by the way, Gracen was so excited about.  All morning she said, “Befany’s a niiiice yady. Grae Grae yike Befany.  Befany take Gracen’s picture! We go see Befany now?”)

 I don’t know if it’s because these are our first ever family photos, or because I {obviously} think Miss G is the cutest child ever, or because Bethany is AH-MAZING at what she does (okay, so it’s probably a combo of all three), but I’m just over the moon with how our photos turned out.  Here are some more of my favourites because I just can’t help myself.  

Kossowan0020Family Photo ShootKossowan0033Kossowan0041Kossowan0093Kossowan0053Kossowan0131Kossowan0101Papa  MamaKossowan0119Kossowan0123Kossowan0135Teeter TotterKossowan0139Kossowan0141Tire SwingSwingKossowan0194Kossowan0204Kossowan0208

If you haven’t already entered to win a photo session of your own, and you live in the Greater Vancouver area (or will be visiting the area sometime between January and April of 2013), visit this post immediately for details.

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  1. oh are such a cute, good looking couple. no wonder your baby turned out so sweet. :) very very nice photos! I live way too far from vancouver, but I hope that I’ll some day get some nice pictures like these from our family :) thank you for sharing. awesome pictures.

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