Christmas Nature Wreath

Christmas Nature WreathFor the last few days, Gracen’s been working on these sweet little nature wreaths at her creative table.

IMG 3425It started out as a very simple painting station with a few cardboard o’s and some paint in different shades of green.

IMG 3433When the paint was dry, I added a few other things into the mix…  Glue, mini pinecones, bits of evergreen tree, and dried out red berries from her autumn nature shelf.

IMG 3435Though this creative table set-up didn’t take off quite like the paper christmas tree one did, it’s been something that she’s come back to each day.  She’ll spend a little bit of time adding to one of her wreaths, move onto something else, and come back another time.

IMG 3437IMG 3439This morning, after walking past the wreath on our door, she asked if she could have some bows for her wreaths, so I brought out my glue gun, cut up some ribbon, and added a few to the table.

IMG 3441After adding her bow, she put on the finishing touches…

IMG 3454And voila!  A beautiful little Christmas wreath made of things {mostly} found outdoors.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Nature Wreath

  1. This will be great for after our nature walk today between the park and the library. They can pick up little nature treasures and add them to the wreathes! Simple and pretty. :-) Brilliant!

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