Currently // 02.22.13

Photo copy 3Watching:  To be honest, not a whole lot.  Though we turn on the television for a little bit each day while she slurps up her post-nap milk, lately she just hasn’t been interested.  We usually end up turning it off 3 minutes later and move on to reading books instead (which suits me just fine ☺).  Besides that, she does still enjoy watching her usual music videos.

Singing: ‘This Girl is on Fire’ by Alicia Keys.  With a carrot microphone naturally.  That or a broccoli spear will do.  

Playing:  ‘Kick’, which basically involves kicking or throwing a beach ball back and forth again and again.  It just never seems to get old.  What’s amazing is how much her gross motor skills have developed lately…  Throwing, catching, and jumping off and over things seem so natural to her now.  The other thing she’s been doing lately is “exercising”.  Sometimes I’ll find her in the middle of the room, our bath mat under her, doing some strange bending/curling/squatting/crunching movement repeatedly.  Other times I’ll call her and she’ll respond with a frank “Sorry, Mama!!!  I’m busy right now.  I’m exercising!” Such a funny little lady we have.

Talking about: “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  “What ’cause?”  It never.ever.ever.ends.  So when the fourth “What ’cause?” to my response to her original comes along, I take a breath and remind myself that each question is an opportunity to be the kind of parent I want to be. Because sometimes that’s what it takes.

Reading: Sit, Truman was one of her recent library favourites.  The best part was that after a week or so of reading it multiple times a day, she began reading it to us.  There’s something about listening to your little one “read” a book that just melts a parent’s heart.  As for home books, Scholastic’s Number Tales (books I have for teaching) have, without a doubt, been a clear favourite for the last month.  Each of the books has a ‘Can you find…?’ page at the end, which Grae just adores despite their simplicity.  Because of this, Grae’s deemed them “game books” and nothing else will do before bedtime.  

Eating: Okay, so technically this is drinking and not eating, but this girl loooves tea.  She first had it at Baba’s house during our crazy Christmas adventure and she fell in love immediately (tea in fine china for everyone – including kids – has been something that’s happened in my Baba’s house since I was Gracen’s age).  Since then, I’ve found some really yummy caffeine-free tea that are also free of weird herbs that may not be kid-friendly, so Miss G’s been enjoying a cup of tea with an ice cube as a special treat every now and then.  

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, a blog I’ve followed for a very long time now, does regular Currently posts which inspired my Gracen-modified ones. ☺

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