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DIY Weekly Toddler Calendar | Mama Papa BubbaWhile Gracen is usually more than game for impromptu adventures, she is, without a doubt, a little girl who thrives on routine and structure.  She very much enjoys being part of the process when it comes to selecting activities and outings and regularly asks me which day of the week it is so she can figure out our agenda for the day.  “Tomorrow is Thursday, Mama?  We have dance class on Thursday! What day it is today?” she’ll say.  I find that when she has a clear picture of our days and knows what’s to come, she’s calmer, happier, and transitions more easily (as many kids do, I think).  

In the winter when we were registered in several classes, I realized that having a visual representation of our week would benefit Gracen greatly.  I knew exactly what I was looking for… A single week calendar that was simple, clearly laid out, easy for Grae to manipulate, and picture-based.  I scoured the web, but when I was unable to find just what I wanted, I decided to make my own.  

IMG 8249I actually made ours using Pages (an awesome word processing program for Macs), but a design-based program like Pixelmator or PhotoShop would obviously work perfectly too.  Since Grae and I do quite a lot on our days at home on our own and weekends tend to include more downtime, I opted for full spaces for Monday to Friday and a shared space for Saturday and Sunday.  

IMG 8247After finishing up the calendar itself, I set off to create activity cards that would fit nicely onto the calendar’s columns. To start off, I made a long list of the activities we do regularly and searched for clipart to match.  I popped the pictures into boxes and added in some text in along the bottoms, and they were done.

IMG 8251Because I wanted the calendar and activity cards printed in colour and  as 11 x 17s, I paid the few dollars it cost to have the files printed professionally.  Then I took everything home, cut the activity cards out, and trimmed the edges of the calendar.

IMG 8538With my pieces cut out, it was back to the store to have everything laminated.  While I think I could have fit everything into 2 laminating pouches, the woman working there was worried the pieces were too close together, so 3 it was (which came to around $14).

IMG 8540Next, I cut all of the laminated pieces out, making sure to leave a substantial plastic border around the edges.

VelcroI went back and forth on whether to use magnets or velcro several times before finally settling on velcro.  The determining factor was the realization that with velcro pieces, the calendar can still be used on a fridge or magnetic board, whereas the opposite isn’t true.  Plus I had a giant roll of adhesive-backed velcro already on hand (if you don’t, you can find similar stuff at fabric, hardware, dollar, and teaching stores), which was nice. I simply cut out squares of velcro, put the scratchy pieces on the activity cards, and the fuzzy pieces on the calendar itself.

IMG 8547With everything ready to go, Gracen and I chose a spot for her brand new calendar (the excitement was uncontainable!)  We thought about putting it in her room or in the hallway just outside of her room, but chose to put it in the kitchen instead, as it’s where we start most of our days.  Now, while I make breakfast, she’ll be able to take a look at her calendar and see what we have planned for the day.

IMG 8604One thing we made sure to do when hanging it was to place it nice and low so that Miss G can see it and move pieces around easily (thigh height on me is perfect for Grae).  I hung it up using painter’s tape rolls, but you could easily use poster mounting squares or something similar. (Teacher tip: If you use tape rolls, place them horizontally to avoid your calendar slowly slipping down the wall.) We’ve had the cool magnetic strip hanging below for a long while now and hadn’t yet found the perfect use for it until now.   While a bag or pouch would do just fine, the magnetic strip holds all of the activity cards  and allows them to be seen all at once which is a perk. 

IMG 8602We’ve only had it up and running for a few of days now, but so far, Gracen is loving her calendar.  As soon as it was hung, she immediately wanted to plan out our week together.  First we popped up things that needed to be done, like errands, a trip to the library to exchange our soon-to-be-due books, and our Thursday dance class, and then we chose some just-for-fun activities for the other days.  She scheduled a hot drink date for her and Bradley on Saturday morning while I’m at a workshop (adorable!) and a family trip to Granville Island on Sunday (fun!)  

In the morning when we wake up, her ‘calendar station’ is the first place she goes. We take a look at the plan for the day, make adjustments if needed, and get our day started.  Today, when she saw that we were going to the library, she immediately went around the house making sure that all of her books were gathered and then began getting dressed. ☺  If it continues to have the same effect it has so far, I think this little calendar is going to be a great tool for us.  

Because I’ve borrowed the clipart from around the web, I wouldn’t feel right about making a printable version for all to use available here, but if you’re a parent or teacher who would like to print out a calendar for personal use with your child or a particular student, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at jen{at}mamapapabubba.com.  


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    1. Hi Jen. Nice job. Can you e-mail me the template and send a list of categories you used. I realize ours would be slightly different but it would help! :-) Thank you.

    2. Hi!
      just discovered this today and looking to do the same thing for my toddler but I am not crafty at all! Do yo have a PDF you can send me of what you used and I can go from there? Thank you! pollyryerson@gmail.com

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      And THANK YOU!

    1. That’s great that you already have Pages – that makes it really easy! Basically it just involves using the ‘shapes’ tool to create the coloured columns, and text boxes to add the wording on top. Let me know if you have any specific questions – I’d be happy to help! :)

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        And where did you find the clip art? I have Pages too, but can’t find clip art in it. THANKS so much for your help!

  2. Thanks ladies! For all of you who have added your email addresses since my last comment, you can expect it in your inbox this weekend! :)

  3. Hi all! So glad you like our calendar. If you’ve requested a printable copy via comments or email, you should now have it in your inbox. If you don’t for some reason, please let me know. :)

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  13. Alrighty! If you’ve requested a copy of our toddler calendar previous to now (either here or via email), it should be in your inbox (if not, please let me know)! I apologize to those of you who requested particular fonts, colours, and formatting changes… At this point, I’m just sending out the PDF as is, but if I happen to take on customized calendars in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know. :)

    If you haven’t yet requested a copy, but would like one, please leave a comment here or email me directly at jen{@}mamapapabubba{dot}com. Please note that it’s very helpful to leave your email address directly in your comment as it makes things much faster for me.

    Thank you! <3

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  19. Alright, another mail out is complete! If you requested a PDF of our calendar during the month of June (via comments or email), it should now be in your inbox. :)

    Thank you for all of the lovely compliments and I’m happy we could help. I hope the calendar works as well for you as it’s been working for us. :)

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  32. Hi everyone! If you’ve left a comment here, emailed me directly (jen{at}mamapapabubba{dot}com, or sent me a FB message (https://www.facebook.com/MamaPapaBubbaBlog) in the months of July or August, I will be emailing you a PDF of the calendar tomorrow night, so be watching your inboxes.

    If you have not yet requested a copy and would like one, please leave a comment {along with your email address} ASAP! With the growth my blog has experienced in the last couple of months and the fact that the clipart used on the calendar is borrowed, I’m no longer feeling as comfortable about sharing it, so tomorrow’s mail out (on September 1st, 2013) will be my FINAL one. Hopefully I’ll be able to put together a printable Etsy version soon. Thanks for understanding!!

    <3 Jen

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    I admire your character, but wonder if you wouldn’t mind sending me a template to work from? Sebastian and I would really appreciate it!

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  92. This is amazing! I’ve been searching for something like this to help my son with transitions. Can I please get the PDF? Thank you! I appreciate all the work you put into this project and would be grateful if its still available! alex.m.tress@gmail.com

  93. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve recently had twins and feel like this will help my three year old daughter know what we’re doing, help plan out her day, and feel really important. Could you please e-mail this to me? I’d greatly appreciate it!

    Emily Harris

  94. This calendar is perfect! My son has just been diagnosed with Aspergers, and his psychologist suggested a calendar exactly like this one. Would you please send me then pdf? tabpow15@gmail.com. Your blog is darling! I will most definitely be following. :)

  95. I would love the pdf to this toddler chart, I have been looking for one for ages for my two little ones. You provide great ideas and inspiration for me to do with my kids so it is very much appreciated! whiting@iinet.net.au Thanking you in advance :)

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  97. Hi! I love this! Would you please send me a copy? I have 3 little ones and would love to include them in the planning process.
    Thank you!

  98. I would love a copy of this PDF as well! I have been looking for something just like this for my just-3 year old son. We are switching up his schedule a bit this summer and then again in the fall and I want him to feel like he is “in-the-loop” about it all! gcattane@gmail.com

  99. I would LOVE it if you could share this with me! This is just what my son with Sensory Processing Disorder needs. if you could please email it to me at bnettler@gmail.com
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  100. Wow! What a response! Clearly there is a need for this kind of thing and you have obviously done such a beautiful job! If you are still emailing, I would love a copy. I am a primary school teacher and have a 2.5 year old who is almost ready for this!


  101. I absolutely love this-do you by chance have a file I could get from you? I’m a special Ed teacher and mommy-I could really use all around!!

  102. Jen, thank you for sharing this wonderful idea! My little one is starting preschool next week, three days a week, and I want to find a calendar to help prepare him for which day he will be going to school and which to the home care taker.
    May I have the pdf file please? My e-mail address is fannyflu@gmail.com

  103. I’m just coming across your post – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my daughter. Every morning she says “mommy what we do day?” Would love a printable file if you still have one available….I realize this is a few years old though. You are one creative mom :)

  104. I’m totally jumping on this bandwagon also! My daughter has speech delays and would seriously benefit from something like this but I can’t find anything similar – yours looks great!!! If you are still emailing can you send to pezmio@gmail.com Many thanks!!

  105. i also jut love this idea! its the best calendar i found for my 5 year old who has language difficulties and who has general difficulties with the concept of time and thus can feel quite insecure when he doesnt know what the day has in stall. I made a very similar calendar using the same program but i have been finding it very difficult to get good free clipart to make the cards. any suggestions as i have been searching for days??? i would also love the PDF; daniishani@hotmail.com

  106. WOW!! Love this idea and your layout. Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us. My toddler has a lot going on so it’s a nice way to keep track of everything. Would you mind sharing the pdf with me? It has been a few years so I understand if you no longer have it available. teresafrappier@hotmail.ca

  107. Oh this is lovely and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I would so love to be able to make one if you don’t mind sharing. My son has sensory processing issues and i struggle with ADD so we really need something like this to help him.
    Thanks so much!

  108. Hi! I’ve just found this on Pinterest, it is just the thing I was looking for my son! I’ve already built a calendar for him but I was missing something nice for the activities. I hope you are still sharing PDF, since it’s an old work and I’d love a copy please f_valtolina@hotmail.com. Thanks!

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    PDFs would be great…

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    You could sell this or individualized versions of this on Etsy!!! I am sure you’d find buyers!
    Please, share your PDF…
    Thank you in advance!

  114. Hi i absolutely love this weekly calender template! I’m a mummy and an early childhood teacher and would love to know if i can somehow get a printable copy of it to use both at home and in my class?!

    1. Okay – noted that you are no longer sharing this – did look like a full time job just responding to everyone… but it is really a great idea. I shall have a crack at creating my own from scratch! :)

  115. I would love a PDF of this calendar if you don’t mind. It is perfect! melanie g sharp at g mail dot com

  116. I realise I’m really late to the party here but I would love the PDF for my little one, we are struggling with a change to her usual routine and I’ve been looking for something like this to ease the transition. Finks@live.co.uk thanks in advance xx

  117. Wow what a brilliant idea! I would love a copy for my two year old. I’ve been feeling like we are ready to have something resembling a routine but haven’t had a chance to put something together…this is perfect!! Thanks SO much for sharing…my email is lavania777@yahoo.com.au

  118. Hello
    It would be great if you could share the print outs with me. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time but did not know how to do it. Thanks for the inspiratio.

  119. Do you still have this? I’ve been looking all over the Internet for exactly this! Everything is too fussy, but yours is simple and clear. I would love a copy and will happily donate a little something to your favourite charity as a thank you. I could definitely NEVER do this myself, so very please to have found this! Thanks so much.

  120. I know this was posted years ago – but I would love a PDF copy of your calendar! I teach first grade high functioning Autism and have two students who could really benefit from more structure than the others! Though, I have 9 students in my whole class and they each would probably benefit.


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  123. Hi! Just came upon this and thought it would be wonderful for my 2.5 year old daughter to help ease her with transitions. Do you happen to still have the file you can send me?

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  127. Hi Jen, greetings from Brazil.
    I’ve been looking for something like this and yours is just beautiful ?.
    Would please share in a printable / editable version (pages maybe ?) so I could translate in to Portuguese ?


    Thank You so much in advance,