Gracen Raises Butterflies: We Have TWO!

IMG 0021Day 13:  We woke up to our very first butterfly!  We’re not sure when it actually emerged, but we found it still hanging upside down from it’s chrysalis pumping up and drying out its wings.

IMG 0029Then, not an hour later, as we were checking on our lone butterfly, we noticed a second one fully emerged too (quick little thing!)

IMG 0031Gracen was over the moon and wanted to call Papa at work immediately to let him know her big news.

IMG 8034It’s really hard to take a decent photo through the blinding pink of our DIY butterfly hut, but these two were together all day.  If one was at the top of the enclosure, then so was the other.  And when one would move to a new spot, the other would follow.  They’re fast friends. ☺

The best part, however, is the names Gracen gave them tonight.  I really can’t tell you which is which, but one is named Dorkus and the other is Salmon.  I’ve always said I like unique names. ☺

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