{Pretend Play} Fruit and Veggie Market

Pretend Play Fruit  Veggie Market with Ikea s SKYLTA Children s Market Stand | Mama Papa BubbaSeveral weeks ago, while slowly making our way through the children’s section of Ikea, I spotted this cardboard play market.  Now it’s not like me to purchase play things on a whim (we sort of operate on a minimal toys basis in our house), but with all of the all of the possibilities and a $12.99 price tag ($14.99 in the US), I couldn’t pass it up.  

IMG 8640For the last little while, it’s been Grae’s Fruit & Veggie Market, where she sells all sort of {felt} fruits and vegetables for ridiculously low prices (and she even throws in a free reusable bag with your purchase!)

IMG 8663One of Gracen’s very favourite pretend play games is ‘store’, so it goes without saying that this has been a total hit, plus I love the fact that it encourages all kinds of communication, manners, and role play.

Next up, our cardboard market is being put to use as a puppet theatre! 

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