iPhoneography // Eating my Words

PhotoPhotoPhotoLong ago during my university days, I nannied for a family that had taught their son to open pistachio nuts by placing them inside a towel and smashing them with a hammer.  I must admit that at the time I thought it was a little crazy… The danger! The noise! The mess!  Oy.

But take a look at what took place in our kitchen this morning…  Yes, I’m totally eating my words, and yes, I taught my daughter how to smash open peanut shells using a giant, heavy hammer.  While I thought it was slightly insane years ago, now I think it’s sort of brilliant.  Not only is it fun, but it encourages both hand-eye coordination, motor skill development, and independence too!  

Gracen had an absolute blast with it, and for me, that makes eating my words plenty worth it. ☺


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