iPhoneography // Moving On…

IMG 2714Only 5 days to pack and a ton to do.

IMG 2650A going away gift. We have the very sweetest friends.

IMG 2639Progress…

IMG 2638All of the toys, books, games, and puzzles Gracen will have in Kuwait are in these two bins.

IMG 27282 a.m. and finally feeling good enough about the progress made to go to sleep before picking up the moving truck the next morning.

IMG 2733Loading day.

IMG 2739Nearly finished.

IMG 2738A sad final dinner in her 2nd home… A towel as a picnic blanket, a bento box for a plate, a spoon borrowed from the downstairs tenants, not a vegetable in sight.

PhotoFarewell, little house.

IMG 2756Halfway through the 6 hour drive back to the Okanagan.

IMG 2761An hour away from our destination and dinner is served…  In a car seat.  Sardined between bins.


Whew!  What a week it’s been.  I’ve got to say that moving is probably one of my least favourite things to do ever.  Several Christmases ago, my brother and I sat down with a pen and paper and listed off all of the houses we’ve lived in in our lifetimes and if I’m correct, this move will be my 52nd.  Oy.  I must say, it does get easier…  Moving frequently has caused me to really think about what I hang onto and in most cases, if I haven’t used something within the last few months, I’ll happily give it away, recycle it, or get rid of it rather than moving it just so it can collect dust somewhere new.  That being said, moving with a toddler {and only 5 days to pack an entire house} is not, in any way, easy.  Gracen was wonderful through it all, but it was definitely tough.  Between trying to be an engaged parent, keeping up with making healthy, homemade meals, attending final play dates and outings, and packing everything into boxes while a curious little somebody wants to take everything out, I felt spread thin to  say the least.  Sleep was even less plentiful than normal, which means patience was too. Buuuuuut, thanks to a lot of help from Brad’s parents in the final two days, we did it.  We packed everything up into a moving truck {and two vehicles}, scrubbed down the house, handed over our keys, and said goodbye to the little old house that has been our home for the last two years {since we arrived home from our first stint in Kuwait}.  Now we’re in the Okanagan for the next few weeks until our big, BIG move and I’m happy to report that we should be able to get the bulk of our stuff sorted/stored/put away this morning.  Here’s to a little bit of downtime before our next adventure begins!

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8 thoughts on “iPhoneography // Moving On…

  1. Hi Jen, we haven’t met but I worked with Brad this past year. Coincidentally, a friend of mine told me about an amazing blog she followed and then I realized the connection. Brad always talked about how amazing you were and how if you worked with us you would quote “rock this place!” I now know what he meant. I have only recently followed your amazing blog and am in awe of your creativity, passion and dedication to G and the amazing experiences and memories you create for her. I always look forward to your next post. I have been so inspired and love all your ideas (I truly don’t know how you do it all!).

    I wish you all a safe and wonderful move. Best of luck with it all!

    I look forward to reading about the next chapter of your adventure.

    Enjoy the well-deserved down time.


    1. Hi Stella! So good to finally *meet*, even if it is only via the internet. Thank you so much for your kind words – you are too sweet! I absolutely adore teaching, but right now, staying home and exploring with Gracen is the perfect place for me. :)

      Thanks for the well wishes and I promise to continue updating through our big move (well, at least once I can find some internet over there).

      I hope you’re enjoying your summer and taking in some much-deserved downtime too!


  2. Oh – bringing back memories of our move back to Canada from England. It’s a tough one, but cut yourself lots of slack, it’s only a few weeks compared to many many months of engaged parenting. Hang in there, have a good move.

    1. Thanks, Erin! Words I sometimes need to hear. :) I’m sorry we didn’t sneak in that final play date… Things got crazy and then it was time to leave! We’ll have to make a date for next summer!

    1. Hey Carolyn! We work at an American international school there. Last time around, I taught first grade and Brad taught technology, and this time around, I’ll continue staying home with Miss G and he’ll be heading up a big new tech initiative. :)

      1. Wow so cool! I admire you guys for being willing to pack up and move like that and get a chance to travel. I love travel, and my husband and I have talked about living in France or some other country for a year. But it’s scary to give up the idea of his job security, our home, etc!

  3. wow, 52 moves!!! What caused you guys to move so often?
    Looking forward to follow along on your new journey:)

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