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Sometimes I forget just where we live.  While our actual building and apartment are nice, the area of Kuwait we live in? Ehhhh, not so much.  It’s a newer area, so it’s definitely in development (we just got roads recently which was huge, and we’re hoping waterlines might make it in before our time here is through) and it’s largely inhabited by third world nationals whose extremely low paying jobs are sadly still better than what they could find in their home countries.  And while it can be sad and draining and frustrating to live here sometimes, I’m actually really glad that we do.  In a country where {I think} it’s very easy to slip into the ‘more! more! better! more expensive!’ mindset, living in Mahboula keeps you grounded. Humble.  Grateful.

And Miss G?  Well, she’s just as happy exploring sandy lots and rubbish piles.  In fact, today when I suggested we go out on an adventure, she quickly retrieved a bag to collect treasures in.  I was skeptical, but sure enough, she found a few things she just had to take home (a pretty rock, a marble, and a plastic figurine).  Here is our morning in photos…

IMG 4044

IMG 4046

IMG 4047

IMG 4049

IMG 4051

IMG 4053

IMG 4056

IMG 4059

IMG 4063

IMG 4075

IMG 4079

IMG 4078

IMG 4080

IMG 4081

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