Our Mother’s Day {2014}


I had the loveliest day today.  After sleeping in a little bit, Miss G very proudly came into the room and gave me this card as well as a basket full of some of my favourite things.  That big blue oval on the right represents my big Mother’s Day gift…  A bathtub!  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  Our apartments here in Kuwait come equipped with the most basic of showers only {the open-air kind that soak your entire bathroom}, which is really tough if you’re a bath person.  Having not had one for the first 4 years here and now for most of year 5, I’m so, so excited not to have to do years 6 and 7 without one too.  Such a nice surprise!

IMG 9753

After getting ready for the day, we headed off to the Hilton where we picked up coffees and met our good friends for a poolside breakfast.

IMG 8405

Grae was incredibly patient despite the fact that she desperately wanted to just in the pool and get swimming.

IMG 8420

IMG 8421

After a good long visit and some hot / sweaty / windy mama and Grae photos, it was time to hit the pool.  She stayed in there for an hour or so, but happily hopped out when we told her that we could swing by the beach shop to pick up the dive sticks we’d promise to get her once she started feeling comfortable with her whole head under water.

IMG 9763

Dive seals in hand, we headed home for a simple lunch and some downtime for all of us.

IMG 9812

After a rest, Gracen went up to a friend’s place for a little Lego play date, which gave me time to watch old Parenthood episodes while preparing these fun little things {which were a total hit at dinner later on}.

IMG 9816

Mother’s Day means that the mama gets to pick the restaurant, so Japanese it was.  Oh, how I miss sushi.  Back home, 90% of our rare dinners out were for sushi, but we never get it here so it was a treat.

We headed home afterwards, tucked our girl in bed, and as I kissed her goodnight, she whispered in my ear – ‘I love you, Mama.  Happy Mother’s Day’.  Best end to the day ever.


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