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Oh my goodness…  Gracen had such a wonderful time at her friend Evelyn’s birthday party this morning.  The party was Doc McStuffins themed, which was right up Grae’s alley as she’s been doctor-obsessed since discovering a couple of Doc McStuffins episodes on the in-flight entertainment system on our way to Paris. In fact, she loved the show so much that she declared her party {for her August 24th birthday} a ‘doctor party’ shortly after our trip.  So to say that she was thrilled with this morning’s celebration is pretty much an understatement.  Her absolute favourite?  The ‘Boo-Boo Clinic’, complete with plastic gloves, felt bandages, cotton balls, and cast-making materials.  She doctored pretty much anyone and everyone who would let her all morning, stopping only to quickly eat her cupcake and decorate her very own boo-boo box for a short period of time.

Perhaps we have a little doctor on our hands? ☺


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