Headed Home {Kuwait to Calgary}

Well, after 30 hours in transit, only 6 of which Miss G spent sleeping, we arrived home in Canada this afternoon.  {WOOHOO!}  So how was travelling alone with a 3 year old for over a day?  It was alright, actually.  We skipped bringing a stroller along and didn’t use our hotel voucher during our 9 hour layover, but  we did come prepared with lots of activities and yummy healthy snacks.  The first part of the journey, the part that happened during the middle of the night from Kuwait to Germany, was a little rough.  Grae was tired, I was tired, and the full service that took place after we were up in the air wasn’t all that helpful.  After landing in Frankfurt, however, things began looking up. We roamed the airport in pajamas, found some great play areas, pulled out a bunch of activities, and got a nice lunch.  We started our next {9.5 hour} flight to Calgary with a 3 our snooze for Miss G, which meant that I got a much needed break and some time to recharge. We arrived in Calgary to a 2 hour wait in passport control, but by then, we were too excited to be home to let that get us down.

Here’s our trip in iPhone photos…

Kuwait to Calgary

boarded // nighttime in the clouds

morning is here  //  fun in frankfurt

sticker fun  //  gone fishing

plasticine people

‘Canada plane!’  //  out like a light

lion king obsessed  //  almost there


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  1. Hi, I am travelling with a 12 month old and almost 3 year old to the US from Australia – a 14 hour trip. What activities did you organise and what snacks are you able to take on the plane with you? Help! :-)

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