Life On the Farm

After a fairly decent sleep last night given the fact that we just arrived back in Canada yesterday afternoon, Miss G and I were up early and ready to soak in the outdoors this morning.  Lucky for us, my brother and sister-in-law live on a giant farm which they’ve recently begun converting into a petting zoo {okay, not for real, but my sister-in-law may have a serious small animal collecting problem}.  With Grae’s two big boy cousins off to school for the morning, us girls went around the farm meeting and feeding the animals, picking dandelions, playing games, and jumping on the trampoline.  After a splatter session at a local art studio, some shopping, and some dinner, we ended the day back outdoors, but this time with all of the cousins together.

Here is our day in photos…

IMG 9405

IMG 9413
IMG 9424

IMG 9426

IMG 9432

IMG 9445

IMG 9447

IMG 9450

IMG 9452

IMG 9454

IMG 9455

IMG 9460

IMG 9464

IMG 9466

IMG 9471

IMG 9475

IMG 9488

IMG 9498

IMG 9502

IMG 9563

IMG 9565

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