15 Mama and Munchkin Approved Ways to Use Essential Oils

15 Mama  Munchkin Appoved Ways to Use Essential Oils | Mama Papa Bubba{this post contains affiliate links}

By now, it’s no secret that our family is a slightly ‘crunchy’ one {even if Brad fights it just a little and despises that use of the word crunchy}.  We’re by no means the extreme, but we do our best to make things from scratch, eat whole foods, avoid unneeded chemicals and toxins, and generally live pretty naturally.  One of the things we use daily in our attempt to live more naturally is essential oils.  I’ve never been a huge user of traditional medicines, and since the arrival of Miss G four years ago, my  medicine cabinet has slowly grown more and more full of pretty little oil bottles with less and less traditional medicine to be found. {Just ask Brad what it’s like to be offered medicine for terrible back pain only to discover that the only ‘medicine’ in the cabinet is organic coconut oil and a plethora of essential oils – hah!}  While essential oils may not be the answer to every problem, they can do a surprising number of things to improve the well-being of your family and the state of your home. My 6 personal favourite essential oils – melaleuca (tea tree), peppermint, lavender, rosemary, lemon, and clove – paired with water or a carrier like almond oil or coconut oil, can do wonders!  I promise.

To see our favourite ways to put these 6 oils to use, pop over to Moments in Mommyland and read my guest post called 15 Mama and Munchkin Approved Ways to Use Essential Oils.

Many of the uses mentioned in my post are Gracen regulars {especially numbers 9 and 10}, though her favourite way to use essential oils would undoubtedly be number 16 – create scented play recipes!  From play dough to paint, dry pasta, rice, and water, almost any sensory material can be scented with a couple of drops of essential oil and everything is more fun with scent, right? ☺

{Now if you haven’t gone already, click here to see other fun ways of using essential oils.}

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  1. That’s great! I love turning to nature when it comes to taking care of my family. It’s sad that all that we are offered in shops and doctors are chemicals and toxins. But when you put your mind to it – it doesn’t take long to put together a soothing baby bath or how easy it is to use tea tree oil on bug bites-a lot more convenient and quick then trip to the shop!

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