Glittery Bejeweled Mini Pumpkins

Glittery Bejeweled Mini Pumpkins  an invitation to create | Mama Papa Bubba

This afternoon’s invitation to create was a very simple one…  Tons of glitter, jewels, glue, and a few adorable ‘baby boo’ pumpkins.

I picked up a bag of baby boos at our local grocery store a few weeks back already, and while they’ve been pretty all stacked up in a huge vase on our table, they were sort of begging to be decorated.

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So while Miss G was at school, I gathered up all of the glittery, sparkly, jewel-y things I could find on our art cart and set them out in one of our divided trays {similar ones can be found on Amazon, at dollar stores, and in the party section of many big box stores}.  Our invitation to create included some white glue, some Elmer’s glitter glue, a bunch of shaped jewels, several bottles of fine glitter, some adhesive jewels, and several tubes of coloured glitter glue.

IMG 3847

Off to the side I also set out our favourite ever craft glue – Aleene’s Tacky Glue – and a couple of extra pumpkins as I knew that creating glittery bejeweled mini pumpkins would be a hit with my little miss, lover of all things ‘fancy’. ☺

IMG 3857

IMG 3860

IMG 3869

IMG 3873

Once set-up with a huge drop cloth and a plastic tray, Miss G got to work fancying up her baby boo…  No instructions.  No rules.  No glitter limits.  Just fun.

IMG 3858

IMG 3870

And while she worked on her pumpkins, I had fun working on a couple of my own too. ☺

IMG 3880

Now normally, when we’re done a glitter project we shimmy all of the extra sparkles into a container to reuse next time, but then this happened… {Perhaps a ‘don’t rub your hands all in the extra glitter’ rule should have been put into play – hah!}

IMG 3892

IMG 3895

Aren’t the finished pumpkins pretty?

IMG 3899

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