Telling Miss G She is Going to Be a Big Sister!

Oh my goodness… I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally tell Miss G that she was going to be a big sister!  I actually found out that I was pregnant very early on this time around {thanks to feeling horribly before an upcoming girls’ weekend away in Abu Dhabi}, but because we wanted to be certain that all was good with the pregnancy and because 9 months is an extremely long time to wait for something that you desperately want when you’re five years old, we didn’t tell her until I was nearly 15 weeks along.  At the time, we were amidst a busy summer with family, and since we really didn’t want anyone accidentally spoiling the surprise, it meant that we waited to tell most of our family members too {talk about some major secret keeping happening!}  With the house being a constant stream of people coming and going, we decided that it would be easiest to surprise her with the news while on a little family outing to the park…

I think she was so thrilled that she didn’t even know what to do with herself.  She got super silly for a little bit and then just would not let go of her picture of her new baby brother or sister.

IMG 3160

IMG 3164

Later in the day, a bunch of our family members joined us at the park, so she got to proudly share her news with them.

IMG 3167

IMG 3170

From then on, her baby photo pretty much went everywhere with her…  To the farmer’s market where she’d explain to all of the shopping grandmas that she was going to be a big sister, to the skateboard park, on errands around town, and even to bed with her each night.

IMG 3171

IMG 3173

It goes without saying that she’s absolutely over the moon and we think she’s going to make the very best big sister.


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