Gracen, Baby Houdini ~140 days old

Our happy little girl, just after waking up from a nap. We call her Houdini…

20 Weeks Old ~140 days old

She wakes up happy. Every single day.

Just a Regular Monday ~139 days old

‘Do I ever have a story for you!’

Gracen Loves Sophie! ~138 days old

Today Gracen’s little friend, Turner, brought her a special pink package. Inside, we found the…

Uh Oh! ~138 days old

I promise that we did not put our darling little girl down for a nap…

Meet Sophie ~138 days old

Speaking of friends, Gracen’s very sweet little playmate, Turner, dropped this beautiful package off at…

Friends ~138 days old

Gracen and Turner holding hands.

Our Happy Little Talker ~137 days old

Gracen chatting away and telling stories like usual.

It’s Official… ~137 days old

After four hot and dusty years, we are leaving the desert and heading back home…

The Perfect Saturday ~137 days old

Enjoying a morning chitchat with our darling G.

On the Move ~136 days old

Yesterday’s big moment was Gracen rolling over on her own for the first time. She…

Gracen, the Squeaky Baby ~135 days old

Gracen chatting away in her squeaky little voice. Don’t mind the gagging – Gracen shoving…

How Rude! ~135 days old

Hopefully Grae doesn’t learn her manners from her Uncle Gary! :)

Gracen Girl ~135 days old

A smiley morning.

Funny Little Monkey ~134 days old

‘I love listening to stories, but I think I’d like to wear Fuzzy Bee on…

19 Weeks Old ~133 days old

Although our little Gracen Girl is growing up faster than we’d sometimes like, it’s fascinating…

Silly Girl! ~132 days old

Gracen looking slightly tipsy. :)

Mmmm… Toys! ~131 days old

Gracen Girl.

Gracen’s First Haircut ~130 days old

Okay, so not really… Hard to have a haircut when you’re as hairless as this…

First NYD ~130 days old

Refreshed after a good night’s sleep and ready to start a new year.