13 Weeks Today ~91 days old

13 weeks old today, and what a busy day it was. Lots to do! Morning…

Bow Baby ~90 days old

Bubble blowing baby.

Precious Peanut ~89 days old

Our precious little peanut is almost 3 months old… Where has the time gone?

Handprints ~88 days old

So today, the last day of the Eid vacation, we decided to do something we’ve…

Fascinated by Feet ~88 days old

Recently, Baby G has been completely enthralled by her hands and feet. Today we caught…

Our Sweet Girl ~88 days old

Our little lovebug.

Morning Happiness ~88 days old

Most mornings begin like this one… Grae smiling and cooing in her crib, letting us…

Blue Jean Baby ~87 days old

Blue jean Gracen.

Chunky Little Baby Legs ~86 days old

And chubby little toes to match!

Strong Girl ~86 days old

‘Now if I just give myself a little push…’

Pretty Baby :) ~85 days old

Our precious little Gracen Girl.

12 Weeks Old Today ~84 days old

‘I’m such a big girl now.’

Happenin’ Hairdo ~83 days old

Fuzzy little widow’s peak in the front…

Hooray for Holidays! ~82 days old

Our first official day of the Eid vacation… Many fun things on the go today,…

Sundress Saturday ~81 days old

Just about ready for a nap…

Time for a Toque ~80 days old

It may be 35 degrees in the desert, but we’ve got Paris on our minds……

Happy Little Peanut ~79 days old

Melt my heart.

Preppin’ for Paris ~79 days old

Grae trying on her beautiful new Paris sweater from Uncle Daniel and Auntie Erin.

Christmas is Coming! ~78 days old

Our little angel with her very first Christmas stocking. We’ll be packing it to Paris…

Doodlebug ~78 days old

‘Hey there Mama, mind helping me out here instead of just flashing that silly thing…