The Talented Houdini ~210 days old

Gracen’s been swaddled while sleeping since the day she was born. Just recently, I discovered a really cool product called the Woombie, and with the help of Nona and Grandma Charlotte, got a couple to Kuwait to try out. Yes, I realize that it is essentially a baby straightjacket, but don’t judge me… Grae starting sleeping for 11 hours through the night when she was 6 weeks old, and that’s what’s important. :) It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the Woombie is basically a peanut-shaped garment that zips up and snaps high around the baby’s neck, leaving them comfy cozy in a womb-like environment. You’d think that this thing would be Houdini-proof… But no, not for our little escape artist! She managed to wriggle her arm up and out of the tiny little neck hole after not just one, but TWO naps today. What a little monkey!

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