7 Months Old ~212 days old

We had a busy, fun-filled day today and I actually didn’t take a single photo until bedtime rolled around… The days just seem to fly by right now, and somehow our little girl is already 7 months old.

Here’s what our little doodlebug is up to right now:
• She continues to LOVE bath time and being in her jumper
• She absolutely adores being taken out to parks, malls, and grocery stores where she can people watch and investigate new things
• She is very happily exploring all kinds of new foods (and textures, spices, and herbs) and now eats brown rice cereal, avocado, rice rusks, banana, butternut squash, spinach, apple slices, sweet potato, peas, and chunky applesauce (asparagus, chickpeas, and beets are next!)
• She loves sucking on ice cubes in her mesh feeder
• She constantly babbles and smiles when interacting with people
• She can just about sit on her own, however she still sometimes topples backwards, so she has to have someone very close by
• She can support her full weight on her chubby little legs
• She often sleeps with her feet up on the bars of her crib and never wakes up in the position she was put down in
• She still sleeps through the night for about 11 or 12 hours, but she’s now waking up to eat around 3 or 4 a.m. (I think we’re amidst a little growth spurt)
• She gives the best sloppy open-mouth kisses EVER
• She is still obsessed with water and water bottles, and is now enjoying little sips of water now and then
• She is also completely obsessed with tags and is able to find them on anything (often times she’d rather play with the tag than the toy!)
• She just recently discovered birds and shadows and is completely captivated by both

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