11 Month Update ~334 days old

It’s hard to believe that the doodlebug is just a month away from celebrating her first birthday. Here’s what she’s up to at 11 months old…

She loves to:
• Share her food (sometimes forcefully)
• Watch dogs
• Swim in her inflatable pool
• Empty her baskets of toys and the contents of our diaper bag
• Unravel full rolls of diaper liners and toilet paper
• Turn lights on and off
• Point to things and have you tell her about them
• Tease and trick people
• Have GC parade her around the yard while telling her about the flowers and plants

She dislikes:
• When Bella gets all up in her face
• Cheese

She now eats:
• Holy Crap cereal booster
• All kinds of beans
• Turkey
• Chickpea patties
• Cream cheese
• Homemade tzatziki
• Cucumbers
• Grapes
• Dehydrated fruit
• Multigrain bagels
• Spaghetti squash
• Turkey meatballs
• Tofu and veggie stir-fry
• Homemade pasta and cheese
• Spinach and berry salad
• Balsamic vinegar
• Sushi

She will never turn down:
• Tofu chunks
• Edamame beans
• Cottage cheese
• Raw baby carrots
• Dried berries
• Watermelon cubes

She now says:
• “Mama”
• “Papa”
• “Up”
• “Dis?” – this?
• “Hi” (once – with the phone to her ear)

She is now:
• Signing more (sometimes one sign after the other – when we say something like, “First we’ll have milk, then we’ll eat”)
• Waving hello and goodbye
• Clapping
• Standing up against a flat wall (without anything to pull up on)
• Climbing
• Lifting her leg to attempt to climb into the tub

I absolutely cannot believe that Gracen turns a year old in a month. We’re in full-on party planning mode right now because we’re celebrating a little early in order to have her party in the Okanagan. I’m actually really happy that it turned out that way because now, during her first birthday party, I can make myself feel better by telling myself that she’s not truly one yet. :)

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