12 Month Update ~365 days old

Here’s what our little lady is up to at one year…

She loves:
• Sharing her food by shoving it in your mouth
• Getting a whole carrot or a whole piece of fruit to munch on
• Any kind of flatbread or breadstick
• Eating straight from a squeezey pouch
• Watching out the window
• Climbing
• Emptying boxes, bags, and bins
• Visiting the park/playground
• Being outdoors
• People watching
• When her Papa gets home from work
• Having books read to her
• Her “bubba” (a very old plastic doll that used to belong to her Mama and before that, Grandma Sue)
• Imitating your actions and words
• Dancing

She is OBSESSED with:
• Hats (turbans included)
• Balls

She dislikes:
• Laying in the tub and getting water in her ears

She thinks it’s hilarious when:
• She holds her food out to you as though she’s going to share and then snatches it away at the last minute
• She shoves her pointer finger in your bellybutton and wiggles it around
• She tickles your toes
• Adults crawl
• Mama races around the house pretending to be a superhero

She now eats / drinks:
• Natural peanut butter
• Prawns
• Wholewheat naan
• Artichoke hearts
• Sun-dried tomatoes
• Feta
• Barley
• Wholewheat spaghetti
• Tomato sauce
• Dried cranberries
• Shitake mushrooms
• Snap peas
• Butter chicken
• Thai red curry
• Homemade pizza
• Chicken chilli
• Tuna melts
• Organic milk

She now says:
• “Dat?” – that?
• “Bubba” – baby
• “Ba” – ball
• “Pa” – park
• “Pup pup” – puppy
• “Woof” – dog barking
• “Buhbye”
• “Hot”
• “Purple” (after you say it)
• “Shampoo” (only once, but it was the most clear, perfect “shampoo” ever)

She now signs:
• Milk
• Drink
• Eat
• Hat
• All done

Recent changes / milestones include:
• Pooping on the potty (for the last 5 weeks)
• Learning how to flush the toilet
• Putting herself to sleep without any sleep props or rocking (we’re on night 6 of our 10 night sleep training program)
• Sleeping flat on her tummy
• Taking her first step (only one!)
• Almost seeming ready to move to just one nap a day (despite the fact that her Mama is not ready to accept this yet)

Wow. That’s a lot. Our little girl is growing up at light speed.

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