Well Loved ~367 days old

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ve moved waaaaaay too many times to be a packrat. In fact, my motto is ‘The more you chuck, the less you have to pack’. Despite my need to not have a bunch of useless junk to move from one place to another, I do have one plastic bin of special items I kept from my childhood. Today I came across the bin and found this little gem. A naked, plastic baby that was mine when I was little. I remember clearly that she was not my favourite doll growing up. She wasn’t that much fun after all. She didn’t have any clothes, let alone multiple outfits to change her in and out of. And she didn’t have any hair to brush and style either. Just a few hard plastic strands stuck to her head. Nevertheless, I knew that she was special and that I would always keep her. I knew this because she belonged to my mom when she was a little girl. This little dolly has had quite the life. First it was my mom’s, then mine, and now Gracen’s. And who knows… Maybe one day, she’ll be passed down again.

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