The Shirt ~382 days old

Gracen’s Auntie Rozi and Uncle Gary gave her this adorable personalized shirt at her first birthday party. I carefully tucked it away and decided that it would make its big debut on her real first birthday. Of course, in between, we packed for California, then unpacked our California bags, and then frantically packed up all of our belongings in a day and a half so that we were ready to move down to Vancouver when Bradley returned. So when August 24th rolled around, do you think I knew which *safe* spot I had tucked the shirt away into? Nope. I literally turned the house upside down searching for the thing. I tore through boxes, suitcases and closets without luck. Then I looked in the suitcases again because I was sure I had put it in there. Still no luck. Well, last night I was going through that same suitcase and guess what I found… The shirt. Shoot. Mommy fail.

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