Sink Bath ~423 days old

Our little lady is doing really well with using the toilet, and although we started putting her on the potty when we saw that she needed to go, she is now {almost always} able to tells us when she needs to go number one or two on her own. Yes, it sometimes means a gazillion trips to the bathroom, but she’s able to keep her diaper completely clean and dry for up to 10 hours at a time. Yay, Grae! That being said, if there is no one around to hear or see her requests to go to the bathroom, there is still the occasional dirty diaper. Today that’s exactly what happened. She was busy playing and by the time she came to tell Papa that she needed to go, it was already too late. Let me tell you – poopy cloth diapers are not fun. This was so much “fun” that it ended in an impromptu sink bath!

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