TV. Ugh. ~448 days old

I have a confession to make.

These darn molars have gotten the best of us and I’ve been letting Gracen watch a few minutes of TV in the evenings while I make dinner and scurry around the house picking up in between stirs. I am really not a fan of television for kids (especially when used as a babysitter) and we normally do not have the TV on at all during the day (well, except when Papa is home…he’s somehow semi-convinced me that sports highlights are essential for proper father daughter bonding, but that’s another story). The problem is that these giant teeth ripping their way through her little gums have stripped her of all independence and I no longer have a moment to pee alone, much less cook a proper meal without a miserable little monkey tugging at my legs and begging to be picked up. In my defence, I cook at lightening speed and Baby TV, the channel I put on, consists mostly of nursery rhymes and songs, which I hate less than other kids’ shows. The good news is that her fourth molar started making it’s way through her gums a couple of days ago, so we should be in the clear here very soon. Fingers crossed that she gets a break in between her molars and the canines that are supposed to come in next!

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