Making Ornaments: A Yearly Tradition

IMG 3158

This morning we took advantage of Bradley’s later shift and made some ornaments for our teeny tiny tree.

IMG 3161

The pipe cleaner decorations were a little bit tricky for G to make, so we adapted the activity and gave her some pasta to thread onto her pipe cleaners.  Although she could do it, eating the dry noodles was apparently more appealing.

IMG 3430

Gracen’s Borax crystal ornaments made for her by Papa.

IMG 3437

The messy glittery glass ornaments were more up G’s alley and she loved getting to pick out her own glitter colour.  I have a feeling if we make this one yearly, we’ll have to start buying bigger glass bulbs.

IMG 3450

Our reindeer family ornament.  The little Rudolph on the righthand side was made using Grae’s thumbprint.

IMG 3457

We also made a few different salt dough ornaments.  The Christmas bulbs on these little trees were made using our thumb imprints.

I’m looking forward to keeping up this tradition in years to come…  Before you know it, we’ll have a giant tree filled with all kinds of eclectic handmade ornaments.  :)

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